It's all about Me in the Beauty World  

About Srena

 BEAUTY from Philippines or Pakistani??!! Ahh.. BOTH!
 Yes, I'm the mixture of two different South-East Asian  
countries. I started exploring make up at the age of 20, 
 I love art, music and fun!! I work at school as a teacher, and  in management.  I make beauty videos and blog for fun and  as a 
hobby. I speak Bisaya, English and Urdu. I love to make  friends 
and play scrabble. I like to watch drama, adventure  and Sci-fi 
movie at my free time. My favourite beauty  brand  is 

 AimTo have my own beauty product line soon

   Motto:  "Worry doesn't help tomorrow's troubles,
                    but it does ruin today's happiness"

 My Inspiration: Saytio Co Artillero